About Us

Our Story

Established in early 2020, Quantum Medical Supplies Ltd. was born from the desire to manufacture and supply effective and high-quality PPE in the UK. After the outbreak of the pandemic, the market quickly became saturated with substandard products, often imported with little assurance of grade, classification, or quality. Often, inspection upon arrival revealed the products were in fact non-medical products, leaving the health and care industries at risk from substandard / unreliable PPE equipment. Furthermore, these items frequently arrived in unsterilised packaging, which in turn put consumers further at risk through an unsanitary production and shipping processes. It became evident that there was
a shortage of high-quality, effective, and safe PPE.

We soon realised we were able to change this and worked tirelessly to install a face mask manufacturing facility, in a clinically safe environment, here in the UK. Our goal was to manufacture the highest standard of PPE, therefore eliminating a lengthy and risky supply chain. We wanted to be in full control and ensure the quality of the product from start to finish. Manufactured in West London, South East of England, all of our face masks meet the requirements of medical grade PPE and in turn eliminate the risk of importing inadequate quality products.

We believe the fight against COVID-19 starts with the highest standard PPE and this is what we provide. We know that our products are the necessary barrier between COVID-19 and healthcare staff, patients, key workers and the general public nationwide.

Our Products

Here at Quantum Medical Supplies Ltd., we provide only the highest standard of PPE to our customers. Our manufacturing facility is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and we adhere to a strict sterilisation standard to ensure both our products and environment are safe. We produce Type IIR disposable masks, with FFP3 (99%) filtering efficiency. Our masks are manufactured with health care workers in mind, complete with splash resistance (signified by the R) and 3-ply material for protection (the World Health Organisation, WHO recommends the minimum of FFP2 masks). The grade we produce is intended for use
by healthcare professionals in operating/medical settings, therefore when you purchase from us you can be confident that you are investing in quality. Furthermore, a report is produced on each batch of masks we manufacture (CE Marked) which can be sent on request for your peace of mind.

Our Facility

Our state of art manufacturing facility is in West London which houses a bespoke Clinical Production Area furnished with Hospital Grade materials together with Clean-air ventilation system. This is adjoined by Packing area and a Testing Laboratory. All masks produced go through a quality control and are UV Sanitised before they enter the packing area. All the outer walls are of toughened glass thus making the whole operation visible. Furthermore, there is a storage area for the raw materials and the finished product.

Our Future

We know that full PPE and similar equipment is required more than ever before, which is why we are working towards collaborating with leading research institutes and regional enterprises to manufacture and produce a full range of PPE under The Quantum Umbrella here in the UK. Through this, we will have the capacity to provide a variety of high-quality equipment for protecting the healthcare staff, patients, key workers, and the general public nationwide, as easy as possible.


Quantum Medical Supplies Ltd Regd. Office: Ocean House, 12th Floor, The Ring, Bracknell, RG12 12AX UK Website: www.quantummedical.uk Email: contact@quantummedical.uk
Phone: 02034485595
Registered in England & Wales, Company No: 12623194

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